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Introducing The Revolutionary
Continuous & Self-Disinfecting
Anti-Microbial Granite, Quartz and Marble Countertops


Granix introduces “The Nanotech Anti-Microbial Surface Coating” for the very first time on the new or existing  countertop surfaces.
It is not a disinfectant or cleaner but it is a true  active and self-disinfecting coating.

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Advanced German Technology

With our advanced German technology, the transparent nano-layer coating provides active protection against all germs, bacterias, fungi, and viruses including SARS-CoV-2 by destroying all pathogen cells  immediately and continuously as soon as they contact to the surface. 

Tested and certified for “food and skin contact”

Most importantly, our coating has been tested and certified for “food and skin contact” along with durability tests which confirms it could last for about 40,000 wiping cycles under 500 gr weight press sponge rubbing


As the surface cleans itself, just soap and water would be enough to maintain the routine cleaning. No special chemical-based cleaner or sealer is needed. On top of the high resistant surface feature of the stone, our coating provides an extra layer of scratch resistance as well.

How it works?


Advanced German 
Patented  Molecular Structure

Food and Skin
Contact Safe 
Tested and Certified by accredited Labs

Antimicrobial effect
Test and Proven against 
bacterias, fungi and viruses  including SARS-CoV-2


Long-lasting  durability!

Up to 3 years durability tested!

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9385 Washington Blvd N Suite J, Laurel, MD 20723

(410) 290-7136

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