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We distribute our own sinks with a great control over cost and quality, with sales and distribution. Brita proudly maintains the high standards and ethics our industry demands.

We are also afforded the ability to create exciting new designs according to the market. Because of the great feedback from our customers, we can develop product customers’ want, at a price they are willing to pay. Currently we are trying to supply our Sink Custom Accessories .

Our priority is to satisfy our customers with best: “ Quality, Value and Service”

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Stainless Steel Sinks care & cleaning

Granix recommends that stainless steel sinks be rinsed and wiped clean immediately after use. To clean, use the mildest cleaning procedure that does the job effectively. Apply warm water and a mild cleaning agent with a soft sponge, fiber brush or cloth. Rinse with clear water and wipe dry.

Always keep the sink clean, dry and exposed to room atmosphere when not in use. Keep the sink free of standing water that may build up mineral deposits. If a mineral deposit does build up, use a weak solution of vinegar and water to remove the deposit and rinse the sink surface with water.

For stubborn dried food deposits and other stains, use baking soda or a mild abrasive cleanser with a soft sponge, fiber brush or cloth. Make the scrubbing movement along with direction of the finishing grain of sink deck or bowl. Any scrubbing across the grain will show as a scratch while scrubbing in the same direction as the grain will blend in any surface scratches. Flush the sink with water.

Never use steel wool scouring pads, wire brushes or other metallic implements to clean your sink, as they will leave a residue of small iron particles. These particles may be imbedded in the surface of sink and make it look ‘rusty’.

We don’t recommend that you use chlorine bleach in your stainless steel sink, as chlorine will attack the components in stainless steel that make it truly stainless. Since some anti-bacteria soap may contain chlorine compounds, dilute it when use and wipe up any spills.

Certain foods such as pickles, mayonnaise, mustard, lemon juice, vinegar, and salt laden foodstuffs can cause pitting of the sink if they are left standing on stainless steel for a prolonged period since they will attack and corrode.

Follow the above-mentioned instruction and you will have many years’ use of your Brita stainless steel sink.

Limited Sink Warranty

Granix will replace without charge, (excluding labor) any Stainless Steel sink supplied by Granix, Inc. that is proven to be defective, with an equivalent replacement, within the specified appropriate period from date of purchase, to the original owner, provided it has been used solely in a residential application and installed in accordance with the installation instructions, used and cleaned as recommended, and not damaged due to abuse, misuse, or negligence. (In the event of a warranty claim, the owner will be required to provide proof of purchase – save sales receipt.)

This warranty will not cover any damages which might be caused by the product.

Granix, Inc. reserves the right to inspect any sink reported to be defective prior to replacement of the sink. All decisions are final. Replacement cost EXCLUDES transportation and any labor costs for the removal or reinstallation.

Granix shall not be liable in case of:

  • Improper installation/modification.
  • Damages resulting from abuse, such as heavy impact or dropped object.
  • Improper care or maintenance.
  • Improper applications (such as exposure to corrosive chemicals, photographic solutions, etc.).
  • Any modifications made to the product.
  • Commercial application.
  • This warranty supersedes all other warranties, expressed or implied.

The foregoing warranties are exclusive and made only for the buyer. NO OTHER WARRANTY, WHETHER EXPRESS, IMPLIED, OR STATUTORY, INCLUDING ANY WARRANTYOF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE SHALL BE DEEMED TO EXIST IN CONNECTION WITH ANY OF THE GOODS OR SERVICES SUPPLIED HEREUNDER, AND ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES FOR A PERIOD GREATER THAN THE WARRANTY PERIOD CONTAINED IN LIMITED WARRANTY ARE HEREBY EXCLUDED. ATLAS STONE PRODUCTS, LLC. SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES IN ANY WAY RELATED TO THE GOODS OR SERVICES SUPPLIED HEREUNDER. No employee, agent, or other person is authorized to give any warranties on behalf of Atlas Stone Products, LLC. in addition to or different from the herein given to assume for Atlas Stone Products, LLC. any other liability in connection with any of its products except if in writing which is signed by an officer of Atlas Stone Products, LLC. and expressly and intentionally gives such warranties or assumes such liability.

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