Why Do it Yourself Granite Countertops Are Not a Good Idea

Do it yourself projects have gained massive popularity over recent years. This trend can largely be attributed to the increase in home décor channels and magazines, as well as the economic downturn. People want to save a dollar where they can, and rightfully so. However there are a host of reasons why do it yourself granite countertops are not a good idea. It is important to keep in mind—above all else—that these countertops are intended as an investment that will add value to your home. While saving money where you can is a sage strategy for responsibility, you can save money elsewhere. Instead, making sure that your investment works to add value to your home should remain your foremost priority.

The Perfect Granite Slab May Only Come Around Once

It is very likely that when you purchase the granite intended for your countertop, you have done so because it is the piece that best suits the character of your kitchen. The nice thing about granite is the uniqueness and personal character it brings along with it. Let us say that you happen upon the perfect slab of charcoal granite, with unique white inlay and speckles that perfectly reflects your modern, color-blocked kitchen. What drew you to this piece was a cluster of speckles offset in the center of the slab. You appreciate this detail because it reflects a symbol of organized chaos: a principle that you live by. Let us say that you purchase your materials and get about installing your countertop on your own. The likelihood of your failing to properly attach the countertop, or to seal it, can ruin this material completely. Indeed if not properly installed, granite can easily crack and break. With an ill-installed countertop comes the issue that your unique counter can never be exactly replicated. If you value granite, especially for the unique designs it is often adorned with, it is imperative that you avoid installing your own granite countertops.

Installing Your Own Granite Countertops Is Counterintuitive

It is a widely known fact that granite is far from being a cheap material. In fact, of all the materials from which you might construct a countertop, granite falls on the higher end of pricing right next to marble. These materials are costly for a reason. Real estate experts testify that incorporating either granite or marble into your kitchen and bathroom instantly adds value to your home. These materials are widely valued for their sleek aesthetic as well as their durability.

With this in view, it seems counterintuitive to then try to cut corners by installing the granite yourself. The analogy for this situation might be stated as follows. Imagine you are someone who consistently and conscientiously invests in high quality attire so as to appear as professional as possible at work. You are getting married in a week and have purchased a beautiful gown worthy of your big day. But, to save money you have decided that on the day of the wedding, you will use plastic flowers instead of the real thing. When you choose to invest in a certain area of your life you need to remain consistent; if you do not, you will cheapen your initial investment.

Installing Your Own Granite Countertops Will Cost You Much More In The Long Run

When we oversee the empirical data related to do it yourself home repair, on a large scale, the record of failures far outweighs that of successes. This is why we have professional carpenters, plumbers, and handymen. Namely, because these persons have studied long and hard to learn the ins and outs of their trades.

It is worth bearing in mind that installing a granite countertop is far different from hanging pictures in your living room, or even staining the deck. Granite is a heavy, valuable material that needs to be treated with the utmost care. Additionally, it needs to be cut, set, installed and sealed in the proper fashion. If not, this material will need to be uninstalled and new materials will likely need to be purchased. In the end, you will need to call in professional help on your own.

All in all, there are obvious advantages and drawbacks attached to do it yourself projects. To be sure doing home repairs on your own is a good way of saving money. But unless the project is one that you fully understand, and are capable of doing, you risk ruining materials and wasting time. Because granite is a valuable material and installing it is a complicated process, there are a number of reasons why do it yourself granite countertops are not a good idea. If you are interested in a granite countertop for the kitchen of your home, you will want to do your research and determine just what this kind of project costs. In the final analysis, this sort of investment is certainly worth it. However, you will want seasoned professionals by your side.

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