Types of Granite Countertops

When investing in your home, either for re-sale purposes or to better reflect your own style, you will want to focus on the finishes that carry the most value. One such finish is the countertop that you choose for your kitchen. Owing to the rich variety of types of granite countertops, granite becomes a desirable material to work with. Not only is it sure to add monetary value to your home, but will also add intrigue to your kitchen and allow you to customize it according to your own unique vision.

The Advantages of Granite

Granite is both a versatile and durable material that has become increasingly popular over the past few decades. The term “granite,” itself, refers to the material’s granular aesthetic. This aesthetic allows people to pick up on the grainy, detailed portrait contained in each slab. Moreover, one major advantage of this material is its durability. Kitchens are, after all, public spaces that house flurries of activity. With granite countertops you need not hold back with either the degree or the type of activities that you engage in.

Now that we have outlined some of the most prominent and beneficial features of granite as a material for countertops, we can discuss the various types of granite countertops and the equally-varied aesthetics that they create.

Beautiful Bianco Romano Granite

Bianco Romano is the ideal granite for homeowners who want a clean, crisp and contemporary aesthetic. The crisp white of this granite, with its darker granular inlays, looks beautiful against neutral wall colors. If you are someone who appreciates sleek lines and appliances, as well as a minimalist aesthetic, bianco romano granite is the material you want for your countertops. To add warmth to your kitchen, invest in gold and copper-colored hardware or purchase a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Rustic Seafoam Green Granite

If you are aiming for a rustic and earthy aesthetic in your home and kitchen, seafoam green granite is a great option for you. This granite is a deep green in color and combines with textured browns and reds. For homeowners who appreciate the outdoors and natural imagery, the palette that this granite affords will draw both your mind and your imagination to the natural world. Your kitchen is a space in which to spend time with family and friends; a space that ought to remind you of all your most pleasurable pastimes. The deep and calming greens of this granite will ground you every time you step into your kitchen: drawing your mind to remembrances of camping, hiking and relaxing with your loved ones. This earthy material pairs perfectly with cedar cabinetry and artisanal accessories.

Slate Black Granite

Black granite countertops are just the ticket for minimalists wishing to create a bold, retro aesthetic. The bold black tone of this granite, which makes use of lighter-swirled inlays, is ideal for people who prefer neutral to vibrantly colored walls. Designers recommend painting cabinetry either slate back, or crisp white in order to take this neutral palette to its logical conclusion. This slate back granite is also reminiscent of the classic 1960’s tiling you would find on bathroom and kitchen floors, and would look striking against this kind of flooring. For homeowners who like anything and everything sleek and retro, slate black granite countertops are an excellent option.

Luxurious Brown-Bordeaux Granite

Brown Bordeaux granite appeals to homeowners with luxurious taste. The deep browns and creams of this countertop draw to mind rich leathers, brandy and chocolate. Imagine sipping on a delicious glass of red wine, on a leather bar stool, around a Bordeaux granite kitchen island. A more luxurious image could not be imagined. The deep browns of this Bordeaux colored countertop will appear bright and rich next to chocolate brown floors with red undertones. Stainless steel hardware will only amplify the sense of luxury bound up with this finish.

No matter the type of granite that you choose for your kitchen countertops, rest assured that incorporating granite finishes into your home will instantly add value to your home. Not only has granite become an increasingly popular material to work with, and is appreciated for this very reason, but is incredibly durable and weathers well over time. This means that as your home ages, your granite should remain in excellent shape.

As we explore the many different types of granite countertops, we notice that one of the most valuable aspects of this material is its versatility. Whether you opt for a minimalistic aesthetic, or prefer either an earthier or retro look, granite remains one of the best materials to work with. This finish is high-quality, luxurious and will translate well to the future generations that may come to inhabit your home. All in all, the many varied and rich types of granite countertops make for a relaxing, homey and unique kitchen.

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