The Three Main Factors That Determine The Cost of Granite

As most homeowners are aware, granite is one of the best ways of instantly adding value to your home. Indeed, one of the leading questions that prospective homeowners ask when looking at homes is “Are the countertops made of granite?” However, granite does come at a certain cost and is to be expected if something is going to significantly add value to your home. In other words, it is going to be a financial investment. If you are considering a remodel of either your kitchen or your bathroom, you will want to become aware of some of the factors that go into the cost of granite. We have narrowed these factors down to three. Read on to learn about the factors that go into the cost of granite.

Natural Stone Is Complicated To Excavate

One of the leading factors that contributes to the cost of granite is the fact that granite is a natural stone. Like marble, granite is a stone that needs to be excavated from the ground. It is important to consider how and why the nature of this material informs its price.

The explanation is simple. Synthetic materials can be concocted in a workshop. The materials that go into these synthetic products—laminate and the like—are easily accessible. This means that they are neither expensive to purchase, nor complicated to put together. Conversely, natural stone needs to be excavated from the ground. While this might appear to be less complicated than the process of producing synthetic materials, natural stone is often located in remote or isolated quarries. Therefore, importing granite from these remote areas is going to cost a pretty penny. The labor that goes into the excavation process is something worth noting as well. This is not at all to say that the price does not justify the product. On the contrary: it highlights the exotic and unique character of granite.

Durability and Production Process

One major property of granite that influences its high price is its durability. Homeowners far and wide want materials in their home to outlast the home itself. Granite is one such durable material. When shopping for a beautiful countertop—for either your bathroom or your kitchen—you will want to ensure that it is as durable as possible. Both of these rooms are rooms that invite activity: chopping, hair-drying, and manicuring. With shopping bags being slammed down on your countertops, and filleting occurring on a daily basis, you will want your counters to be as strong as possible.

But have you ever considered that the very mineral composition of your granite—which endows it with its durability—comes at a certain cost? Because granite is dense, thick and durable it is much more difficult to cut into the form of tiles or countertops. So the cost of production is going to be relatively higher than the cost to produce other (synthetic) tiles or countertops. Once again, this added cost will be worth it. If you want a material that will withstand the test of time it is worth investing a few more dollars.

The Uniqueness of Granite

Last but certainly not least, is the uniqueness and marginal availability of certain types of granite. Homeowners want their homes to reflect their unique style and taste. Indeed, this uniqueness is precisely what separates a house from a home. Perhaps you want a cut of granite that is warm and rich in color, tying in with the rich browns and neutrals of your kitchen. Or maybe your home is the epitome of modernity: and balances stark whites with jet blacks. In this case, you will want a cut of granite with relatively few impurities and flourishes.

But with the unique character of granite comes an added cost. If you are after a very particular color or design of granite, it may be quite difficult to locate. In addition, most granite is only available in very limited quantities. There are also certain restrictions imposed on the amount of granite that can be excavated at any one site, at any one time. This is not to say that you should not hold out for that perfect cut of granite that reflects your personal taste precisely. However, be apprised of the fact that this unique material comes with an added cost.

On the whole, incorporating granite into your home is an excellent way of adding value to it. In order to add value to your home, though, you will need to invest a bit of money in the doing. If you are weary about the investment, and think that it is simply a money-grab, this is inaccurate. The factors that go into the cost of granite are indeed real, rather than invented. Because granite is a natural, rare and durable stone you are going to end up spending a bit more money on this material than you would on another. In the final analysis, however, this extra money will be entirely worth it.

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