Is Granite Better Choice Than Marble For Bathrooms?

If you are planning on a bathroom remodel, one of the questions you might be thinking about is if it is better to go with granite or marble for the countertop. There is no doubt that both marble and granite look amazing in the bathroom, but is one better than another? The one way to tell if granite is better than marble, or vice versa, is to take a look at some of the features of both materials. Only then will you be able to decide which material is right for your home.

The Durability of Granite and Marble

One of the most important factors that most homeowners will look at is the durability of the materials they use in their bathroom. Looking at granite, you will find that it is extremely durable. Under most circumstances, granite will be able to stand up to almost anything in the bathroom. Keep in mind, however, that no material, including granite, is completely free from harm. Since granite is made of a crystalline structure, big impacts can cause chips or even cracks. In the bathroom, however, the odds of this happening are fairly slim.

When it comes to marble, though there is no doubt it is a strong material, it is less durable than granite. One of the reasons that marble is less durable is that it will wear away over time whenever acids are put on it. If you are a bit messy or have children, this could be a problem. Some toothpastes and mouthwashes can be acidic. If these get on your marble counters in the bathroom and you don’t wipe them up immediately, you can be sure that it will damage your marble. Though you can, and should, seal marble, that still will often not stop acidic products from eating through over time.

When it comes to durability, granite is a better choice.

The Looks of Granite and Marble

Another reason that people really love granite and marble is because of the looks. Granite, for instance, is very natural looking and no two pieces of granite will ever look alike. It is totally unique, available in a number of different colors, and the variations of granite are numerous.

When it comes to marble, however, though it is also natural stone, there is not nearly as many variables that go into it. Because of this, it may not be as unique as some homeowners wish it were. Marble, too, comes in a number of colors, but you will likely have to pay more for anything other than white or black.

Again, when it comes to looks, most people will prefer the look of natural granite to marble.

The Scratch-Resistance of Granite and Marble

Another thing that home owners will want to look at when it comes to choosing marble or granite for their bathroom is if the material is resistant to scratches. Though you won’t be doing any cutting on your bathroom countertop like you might be in the kitchen, you still may need to use sharp instruments in the bathroom like scissors, nail clippers, razors and other items. If you have a granite countertop, it is guaranteed that the stone is much harder than these items. So much so, they will begin to dull if scrapped against the granite too much.

When it comes to marble, however, you will find the opposite occurs. Some of these items will be able to scratch the marble, especially if using items like a straight razor or even nail scissors on the counter top. You will need to use a lot of caution with any sharp object when you choose marble.

Once again, granite is the better choice if scratch-resistance is a concern.

The Maintenance of Granite and Marble

Both granite and marble will need to be maintained. What does this entail? You will need to clean your counters, of course. It is best to do this with a soft rag and mild cleaner. In addition to that, however, you will also need to seal both granite and marble. You can buy the sealant over the counter. The difference is, marble will need to be sealed at least twice a year. With granite, you will only need to seal it once every year or two. In other words, if you have both a granite and a marble countertop in your home, for every one time you seal granite, you will be sealing marble four times.

The Cost of Granite and Marble

Finally, homeowners should look at the price of these materials. In this sense, they are both comparable. Of course, you will find price differences for granite that has a more unique look or for marble that is an unusual color, but for the most part, they will have a similar price point. This is why it is important to look at the material as a whole and not simply focus on the price.

When you take a look at all of the above, you can see that granite comes out the clear winner when it comes to your bathroom. For more information on granite, contact a local granite retailer.

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