Granite Selections: An Endless Palette

Few people will contest the fact that granite is one of the most in-demand and luxurious material for both kitchen and bathroom countertops. However deciding upon which color of granite to move ahead with is difficult, especially as granite is renowned for its versatility in both color and pattern. A good place to start is by familiarizing yourself with the most popular granite colors on the market. There are a handful of extremely popular hues and patterns that work well across the board. Read on and indulge in the wonderful options of granite open to you and your lovely home.

Stark White

Stark white granite is an excellent option for homeowners wanting to create a sense of calm and purity. Stark white granite is an especially popular option in bathrooms. In fact, interior decorators have suggested that the cool tone of this granite works wonders in calming homeowners, and inspiring them to decompress after a stressful day. Stark white granite is especially versatile, as it works well with different accent colors. Whether in your kitchen or in your bathroom, stark white granite will calm your either during your morning coffee or evening bath. This particular shade of granite looks lovely with stainless steel finishes, lending your room a thoroughly modern aesthetic.

Speckled Brown

Another highly popular shade of granite is speckled brown. Granite of a rich brown hue makes any room a warm and welcome retreat from daily life. Brown speckled granite looks beautiful against cream walls. However, given that this is a neutral shade it pairs nicely with most vibrant wall colors. Brown granites work especially well in rooms that aim for an earthy, grounded aesthetic. This hue is not especially modern, but rather, conveys a sense of classic comfort. Especially in the colder months, dark brown granite will make your kitchen a cozy place in which to cook breakfast and sip on a steaming cup of tea. This tone is very family friendly and its warmth invites all of your family members to gather in the same room and enjoy each other.

Deep Greens and Blues

Granite is renowned for how unique it can be from one slab to the next. More and more homeowners gravitate towards deep green and blue granites as the ideal countertop material for their bathrooms. Bathrooms are not only a space in which to apply makeup and prepare your public image for the world, but they are places that use water to cleanse yourself both literally and figuratively from the impurities of daily life. The deep blues and aquas combined in granite countertops evoke images and memories of water and look beautiful against either silver of deep bronze hardware. Many homeowners who want to imbue their bathrooms with a resort-like aesthetic will opt for these hues for their granite countertops. Deep greens and blues not only suggest images of water, but encourage you to relax and decompress. This palette looks beautiful against pure white towels and a beautiful ceramic tub. Consider playing some soothing music in your bathroom, and lighting fragrant candles that smell like the beach or clean laundry. All of these personal touches will leave you thinking of simpler and less stressful moments: from your granite countertops to your white fluffy robe.

Deep Black Granite

Deep black granite is perhaps the most popular color of granite on the market. In fact, jet black granite is the epitome of modern design. Deep black granite can work to create many different aesthetics. Against black and white floor tiles, black granite countertops help to amplify a retro aesthetic in your kitchen. If this is the look you are going for imagine placing a bowl of vibrant red apples as a centerpiece, and hanging a sixties calendar on your fridge. If you prefer a contemporary aesthetic, black granite countertops will look stunning next to stainless steel appliances and hardware. The wonderful thing about this color of granite is that it pairs nicely with virtually any and all wall colors, and can be accented wonderfully by a room’s accessories. This hue of granite tends to be pure, and therefore less complex than other granites. As such, it helps to create clean lines and a sense of simplicity in kitchens and bathrooms alike.

There are an incredibly wide number of granites available on the market. If you are hoping to invest in granite, as a way of modernizing your home, you will want to become acquainted with some of the most popular granite colors on the market. By acquainting yourself with these general families, you can then go about selecting a particular selection within these families that best suits your taste. Taking this approach will prove enjoyable, and will prevent you from becoming overwhelmed by the sheer number and variety of granite selections in existence. When it comes to choosing a color of granite, keep calm and shop on!

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