Granite Fireplaces: The Ideal Way to Heat Your Home

Fireplaces are not only a key selling feature of any house, but are a crucial element in helping transform a house from a place in which to hang your hat in a home that you will want to relish in. Not only do fireplaces emit actual heat—a kind of enveloping warmth that simply cannot be replicated by electric heating—but bring a figurative sense of warmth as well. In consequence, many homeowners are looking to incorporate fireplaces into their homes in ways that will remain relevant well into the future.

An excellent way of doing so is by introducing a granite fireplace into the home: lending your living space both a sense of warmth and contemporary relevance all at once. If you are looking for a new and creative way of livening up your living space, read on and become acquainted with some of the most interesting granite fireplace fixtures for your home. The possibilities really are endless.

Mix Materials

Contrary to popular opinion, mixing materials is not only a decorative effect embraced by earth goddesses and hippies. Rather, mixing materials is actually quite avant-garde at the moment. One way that you might feature a beautiful granite fireplace is by building an exposed brick chimney stemming out of it. Whether or not this chimney is functional, or merely decorative, it is bound to have an impact. Aesthetically, having an exposed brick chimney growing out of a granite fireplace adds both texture and depth to a room. The roughness of the bricks against the sleek surface of the granite is bound to draw your eye toward this gorgeous focal point. If you want a subtler look, you might consider painting the brick on the fireplace. For homeowners with a penchant for bolder designs, leaving the brick au natural is an amazing way to achieve a sense of rustic domesticity within your own home.


Another wonderful fireplace furnishing is that of the mantle: a furnishing that has long existed and shows no sign of letting up. Mantles are incredibly diverse, in terms of their construction, and also provide the palpable function of housing your most prized mementos and possessions.

A beautiful cream mantle-piece looks wonderful above a granite fireplace of any color. A cream color brings a sense of warmth to even the most sterile and modern slabs of granite. If you are more of a minimalist, feel free to leave this mantle barren and unadorned. Alternatively, you might want to use it to house a row of candles, pictures, or other mementos that uphold value to you and your family. At the end of the day, a granite fireplace is bound to be the focal point of any living space. By adorning your mantle with unique accessories, you do not only create a stunning visual but also give your guests a better sense of who you are, and what you find most important in life.

Inlaid Cabinetry

One of the best ways of taking your granite fireplace to the next level is by furnishing it in a highly functional way. As we have suggested, form and function do not always marry as seamlessly as they should. But granite fireplaces afford you just this opportunity. By surrounding your granite fireplace with inlaid cabinetry, you create both a sleek aesthetic and a highly functional space.

Inlaid cabinetry has become increasingly popular over recent years, as homeowners continue to increase their accumulation of goods. Moreover, this form of cabinetry is privileged for the way that it sinks right into your wall: without the bulky obtrusiveness of other types of storage. When you envelop a granite fireplace in inlaid cabinets, you gain several advantages. First and foremost, you give yourself the opportunity to de-clutter your space. Just because you own a lot of accessories, does not mean that you want to display them at all times. Secondly, by surrounding your granite fireplace with inlaid cabinetry you create a strong sense of unity and cohesion in your room. Rather than implementing a host of different colors and textures, a wall of inlaid cabinets allows your granite fireplace to the degree that it deserves. And does it ever deserve a chance to shine.

If you are someone wanting to brighten up your living space, there are few better ways than by introducing a granite fireplace into the mix. Remember, just because this is a popular suggestion does not mean that your home with be unoriginal. With a wide variety of possible granite fireplace fixtures for your home, you can implement one that best suits your taste and aesthetic. Whether your prefer eclectic textures, streamlined designs, or functionality, there is a fireplace fixture just for you. Do your research and get excited about the rich possibilities open to both you and your home when you choose a granite fireplace.


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