Granite Countertops for Bathroom: Making the Right Selection

As we all well know, there are different scales of home improvements. Many of us are constantly tinkering with one part of our house or another: whether it be a leaky faucet, or a rotted piece of wood in the deck. These more minor home improvements can be done and re-done if necessary: as they do not require a whole lot of time or money. But when it comes to major home improvements—changing your floors or adding granite countertops for bathroom—you will want to conduct your research first. Take the time to properly decide what granite countertops for bathroom best suit your style and needs. Here are some questions to consider.

Are Your Planning On Selling Your Home At Any Point?

Real estate agents far and wide are responsible for establishing and communicating what elements best improve the re-sale value of your home. And, among these elements is a modernized bathroom. The reason for this is that home improvements in other rooms of the house can largely be handled by the homeowner. For example, pictures can be hung and rooms can be painted by a homeowner. But when it comes to installing granite countertops, this is much more complicated to do on one’s own.

Adding granite countertops to your bathroom is an excellent way of instantly adding value to your home. Granite is hugely appealing for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, it is a material that appears both modern and timeless all at once. This means that aesthetically, granite is a material that will appeal to a very high number of potential home owners. In addition, granite is highly coveted for the fact that it is incredibly durable. The durability of this material ensures that you can lay down heavy appliances or items on these counters without damaging them. It also means that it will last for a relatively long period of time. Accordingly, you can replace your bathroom countertops to granite years before your sell your home and at the time of re-sale it will still appear in mint condition.

Granite Instantly Modernizes A Bathroom’s Aesthetic

While different homeowner’s prefer different types of decorative aesthetics, a subtly modern aesthetic is one that appeals to most people. And there is no better way of instantly modernizing your bathroom than by adding granite countertops to your bathroom. Granite can come in sleek blacks and stark whites, both of which look exceptionally nice in a modern bathroom. The shiny surfaces of granite bespeak a modern message; a message that a homeowner is dedicated to nothing other than the newest and the best. Imagine a beautiful black granite bathroom countertop next to an immense, glass shower. The sleek surfaces and smooth line of this aesthetic is peaceful, simple and minimalistic. Real estate agents speak to the value of importing this kind of a modern aesthetic into the bathroom. After all, bathrooms—much like bedrooms—are spaces in which a person is meant to relax. It is a sanctuary that allows a person to relax and regroup at the end of a long day.

Granite Countertops Are Easy To Maintain

As we have made clear, a bathroom is a place where people do many different things. From showering to manicuring your body, your countertops hold everything from blow-dryers to manicure scissors and makeup brushes. Because the bathroom is a space full of activity, things get spilled and objects will inevitably come into contact with your countertop. One major advantage of granite countertops is that they are easy to clean and maintain. First and foremost, granite countertops are incredibly durable. This not only means that they withstand forces that might break them, but do not knick and scratch as easily as other materials. The durability of granite countertops is hugely advantageous as you rush in the mornings and evenings to prepare for your daily obligations. In addition, granite is incredibly easy to clean. When you spill your makeup or morning coffee all over a wooden countertop, for example, that material is quite easy to stain permanently. But granite countertops can simply be wiped clean with a warm and damp clean. On this note, granite countertops are ideal for people who do not have a whole lot of time to invest in bathroom cleaning.

All in all, selecting granite countertops for bathroom is a huge decision and investment. Therefore you will want to consider all of the aspects involved in such a purchase and process. Be sure to consult how much the estimated cost of materials and installation is. At the end of the day, however, you can rest assured that investing in granite countertops is an excellent way of instantly adding value to your bathroom. Granite is, after all, a material whose value speaks for itself.

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