3 Benefits of Selecting Granite for Kitchen Countertops

There are a lot of good reasons for remodeling your kitchen. Maybe the current look appears dated compared to new trends. You might remodel in anticipation of increasing the value of your home before putting it on the market. Regardless of why, replacing the countertops is one way to improve the look of your kitchen without spending a fortune.

Today’s homeowners prefer to think outside the box when it comes to choosing new countertops. While past generations used cheap laminates designed to look like wood, glass, or granite, contemporary kitchens use those actual materials. These materials are eco-friendly, making them a better choice for your family and the environment.

There are some major benefits of granite for kitchen countertops, one of the greatest being the wide range of colors. Whether marbled or solid, the granite displays an array of colors that match your kitchen even if you change the décor to an entirely new theme.

Why Granite Is the Right Choice for Your Home

Another benefit is that the granite continues to maintain its natural appearance, even when polished to a smooth exterior with a high sheen. No two granite countertops are exactly alike. Here are some of the other benefits for choosing granite countertops:

1. Granite is durable.

An igneous rock with a coarse grain, granite is one of the hardest known stones that you will find upon this earth. It survives many elements in its natural habitat, such as extreme temperatures, pressure, and other types of abuse just while existing in nature.

When used as a material for countertops, granite stands up to abuse from children, hot pans or frozen foods, and other kitchen or bathroom situations. Because they hold up well under stress, granite countertops are not likely to develop cracks or shatter.

2. Granite is trendy and unique.

Celebrity kitchens from coast to coast boast granite countertops. Even two pieces of granite the same color can appear different. The many choices for color and natural texture of the stone allow it to complement a wide range of cabinets and appliances.

For example, Penelope Cruz’s former dwelling featured glossy granite counters paired with dark wood cabinets and posh steel appliances. On the other hand, Bruce Willis chose dark granite counters with a matte finish for a subtler, traditional feeling.

3. Granite is extremely affordable.

When you choose granite countertops, then you also get professional services that help with the fine details beyond color selection and installation. Having one person handle your project from start to finish helps prevent things like communication issues that could stall the completion of your project.

In the past, granite countertops cost as much as an entire kitchen remodeling job. Advances in technology and availability helped to lower the costs, so that now the materials and services cost just a fraction of what they added up to in the past.

Additional Uses for Granite in Your Home

Kitchen countertops are just one of the areas in your home where granite can help create a warm, inviting space for you and your family to enjoy. You can also use granite for updating the backsplash behind the countertop, sink, or appliances like the stove or dishwasher.

Granite can also enhance the look of your bathroom. Even the smallest spaces benefit from the upscale look that adding granite provides to a room. Because of the different colors and styles of the stone, there is a granite to match the décor of any bathroom.

In living rooms or bedrooms, update the look of the entire space with a granite fireplace. There is a style for every sized room including wall-mounted, portable, or freestanding. You can also use granite to update the look of an existing fireplace.

How to Maintain Your Granite Kitchen Countertops

After the installation of granite countertops in your kitchen, your biggest priority is to safely enjoy them. Avoid slamming heavy objects onto them because while the counter is not likely to break in half, it can chip away. This can affect the sealant that protects the surface.

If a chip should occur, then contact the installer as soon as possible. They can use a polyester filling that dyed the exact hue of the countertop to repair the surface. This is the same filling used to seam the space between two slabs of countertop in larger installation projects.

Speaking of the sealant, be sure to get the proper information about resealing your countertops. Every few years, you will need to arrange to have your countertops resealed to maintain the surface, as well as repair chips or other surface disfigurements.

One good example of things that can disfigure the surface of granite kitchen countertops is spills. Acidic and oily liquids do the most damage and risk etching or staining the polish or sealer on the surface of the countertop. Therefore it is best to wipe spills as soon as they happen.

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